Below please find Skate Winnipeg’s Constitution & By-laws as well as a number of club-level policies and procedures.

*Also see COVID-19 page for protocols and waiver – http://skatewinnipeg.ca/covid19/.

Payment & Refund Policies:

Details on payment and refund policies can be found here – http://skatewinnipeg.ca/about-us/our-policies/ or by logging onto our Registration system at https://register.skatewinnipeg.ca/registration/.

Constitution & By-laws:


Policies & Procedures:

Skate Winnipeg Bullying & Harassment Policy

Skate Winnipeg Code of Conduct (May 2020)
(Signed copies may be emailed to codeofconduct@skatewinnipeg.ca)

Skate Winnipeg Conflict of Interest

Skate Winnipeg Corrective Action (May 2020)

Skate Winnipeg Board of Directors Protocol on Family Representatives as Elected Board of Directors

Skate Winnipeg 2020 Summer School Drop-In Policy During COVID