Watch Skate Winnipeg Skaters Complete at Challenge

Calling all Skate Winnipeg skating fans – you can watch a live stream of your favourite Skate Winnipeg skaters competing at the 2018 Skate Canada Challenge this week in Quebec!

Livestream –

Wednesday, Nov. 29:
8:55am Emma King (Novice Women, Rink 3), skates approx 9:15am
3:15pm Danae Russell (Novice Women, Rink 4), skates 3:15pm
3:35pm Cecilia Howes (Pre-Novice Women, Rink 4), skates approx 3:55pm
4:15pm Emma Kasian (Pre-Novice Women, Rink 4), skates approx 4:20pm

Thursday, Nov. 30:
Emma Kasian – warm-up 7:55am, skate 8:15am (Free Program, Rink 4)
Ceci Howes – warm-up 9:27am, skate 9:53am (Free Program, Rink 4)
Emma King – warm-up 9:33am, skate 9:46 (Free Program, Rink 3)
Danae Russell – warm-up 10:19am, skate 10:32am (Free Program, Rink 3)

Friday, Dec. 1:
10:37am Andrea Laskovic (Junior Women, Rink 3), skates approx 11:15am
1:30pm Yohnatan Elizarov (Pre-Novice Men, Rink 4), skates approx 1:55pm

Saturday, Dec. 2:
6:40pm Deidre Russell (Senior Women, Rink 4) skates approx 7pm

Yohnatan Elizarov warm-up at 11:16 am skate around 11:35 am (Pre-Novice Free Program, Rink 4)
Andrea Laskovic warm-up at 12:55 pm and skate around 1:02 pm (Junior Ladies Free Program, Rink 3)

Sunday, Dec. 3
Free program for Deidre Russell TBA

Andrea Laskovic, Ceci Howes, Emma Kasian, Emma King, Danae Russell, Deidre Russell and Yohnatan Elizarov, we are so proud of all of you!!! Good luck skaters!!!

Skate Winnipeg 2018 Challenge Skaters


Challenge update:
– Huge congratulations to our Pre-Novice Ladies: Ceci Howes (49th place) and Emma Kasian (57th place)
– More congratulations for Novice Ladies: Emma King (51st) and Danae Russell (52nd)
– We are proud of Junior Ladies competitor Andrea Laskovic who is 48th after her short program. Good luck in your free program on Saturday (livestream from rink 3) warm-up at 12:55 pm and skate at 1:02 pm

– In Pre-Novice Men, way to go Yohnatan Elizarov who is in 16th place after his short program!!! Best of luck in your free program on Saturday (livestream rink 4) warm-up at 11:16 am and skate around 11:35 am

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